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Don and Norma’s Lives and Legacy

Norma Jean Griffin born in Albion, Michigan

July 14, 1929

              Norma age 2

Lucille and Howard Griffin and Norma (age 4) circa 1933

          Norma Jean with cousins

Norma Jean age 10

Norma – High School Freshman meets Don at a party….LOVE!

  Millington High School Cheerleaders   (Norma 3rd from left)

Left to right: Lucille, Norma Jean and Bill Throop (stepfather)

Norma’s Graduation picture from Millington High School – 1947


Donald Paul Gee born in Otter Lake, Michigan

 September 1, 1928 

     Here is “Donnie” at age 4

     Don said he was “horse crazy” as a boy.

     Don practically lived in the lake.

        Don with his sister, Jeanne

        Otter Lake High School Basketball team. 1945-46

Football with lifetime friend Doug Heusted (left)

(father) Len Gee, Don, and (mother) Mabel on a hunting trip.


Don’s graduation picture from Otter Lake High School – 1946

       High school sweethearts

             Millington Prom – 1947

     Marriage at Millington Methodist Church – January 31, 1948

       “You may kiss the bride.”

     Greeting guests at the reception.

In reception line (their backs) Ethel and Henry Van Wagnen

     Norma keeping a close eye on this.

          Gifts for the bride and groom.

Off to start their life together that would last over 68 years.