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Van Wagnen Family


A scene of a Dutch home and farm.


The valley of the Rondout, Ulster County, at Wagen Dal, a locality settled by the Van Wagenen family before 1700. The stream here is narrow, the dale secluded. One of the homesteads of the Van Wagenens occupies the foreground. (Taken from “Dutch Houses in the Hudson Valley Before 1776” by Helen Wilkinson Reynolds)


The house of Jacob Aertson Van Wagenen. One of five stone houses at Wagen Dal on the Rondout, all homesteads of the Van Wagenen family. The front portion of the house shown is cut with the date: 1699; the rear is undated but early. (From the book “Dutch Houses in the Hudson Valley Before 1776” by Helen Wilkinson Reynolds)


Garret Henry Van Wagnen (May 5, 1817 – March 16, 1899)

This is the first image found of the Van Wagnen family. The Dutch kept their language and heritage through the generations. One way was to take the maiden name of the mother and give it to a son to carry on her name. The original ancestor, Aert Jacobson Van Wagenen’s wife’s name was Annetje Gerrits, and for may generations the name Garret (or Gerrit) was passed along.



The Van Wagnen Family gathering – circa 1910 where several family members have been identified. Back row: third man from left: Henry Van Wagnen. Next row: third woman from left: Ethel Van Wagnen. In the center of the row, 5th & 6th are Irvin and Anna Van Wagnen. Front row seated in chairs: 6th from left is Lucille Jane Van Wagnen, and 11th from left is believed to be Thalia Van Wagnen. If others can be identified, please contact Linda.

Irvin Van Wagnen 1844-1933 and Anna M. (Hartman) Van Wagnen 1846-1926


Garret Henry Van Wagnen 1870-1962


Marriage of Henry and Ethel – September 14, 1892

Ethel (Bailey) Van Wagnen 1873-1968

(left to right) Ethel, Lucille, John, Thalia, and Henry Van Wagnen – circa 1903

Van Wagnen family – circa 1921

Front, left to right: Henry, John and Ethel

Back, left to right: Lucille, Willard and Thalia