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New Release November, 2020

Price: $5.00 each (plus shipping)


Introducing: Carol Cory

and her newly published book

“Good Morning Jesus”



Price: $5.00 each (plus shipping)


Carol’s books arrived August 29, 2019

Linda and Carol rejoice in the publication of Carol’s book.

Note from Linda: It has been my privilege and joy to be able to help my dear sister in Christ, Carol Cory, realize her dream of publishing her book of poems: “Good Morning Jesus.” Carol has written all these heartfelt and inspiring poems, and I have been behind the scenes with typing, designing layout, advice, and help with areas I experienced publishing my own book.

Something you may not realize as you read Carol’s poems, is that she has Parkinson’s Disease which makes it very difficult for her to write, type, and do so many other things she used to enjoy. But, Carol is a fighter and an encourager. Her faith carries her through each day and is reflected in her words in the following poem entitled:

Parkinson’s CANNOT

(fill in the blank: Cancer, COPD, Depression, etc.)

Parkinson’s cannot

Cripple God’s love for me, or mine for Him.

Shatter hope

Erode my faith

Eat away peace

Destroy confidence

Kill friendship

Shut out memories

Silence my courage

Invade my soul with discouragement

Reduce eternal life

Quench the Spirit

or lesson the power of the resurrection.


change God’s love for you and me.

Unless WE allow it.

Be of good courage for I have overcome.”

(You can, too.)

Love, Jesus

For more information you can reach Carol at: [email protected]